as if i didn’t already talk about myself enough

  • my name is jessica.
  • i live in central new jersey.
  • my best friend, will, is one of the few people i tolerate
  • i write shitty poetry
  • i listen to a broad array of music
  • i’ve got an associates degree in liberal studies (a bullshit degree) 
  • i still don’t know what i want to be when i grow up
  • i can kind of sing i guess
  • i’m a sarcatic asshole
  • i spend too much time on the internet
  • i love everything about christmas.
  • i like arrested development and game of thrones more than i like you.
  • i have the worst timing on the face of the planet
  • taco bell is literally my favorite restaurant
  • i think about cute boys a lot. like, a lot,

my life really isn’t that interesting. sorry to disappoint. whatever, deal with it. 

if you really want to know about me, just ask.